I’m Igor, and I’m passionate about product design. I have a proven track record of designing, launching, and optimizing digital products. I’d love to help you maximize your product’s user engagement and user experience while saving you time, money, and unnecessary headaches.



A few years ago, I decided to live a minimalist lifestyle and travel the world – quite literally the best thing I have ever done. Since giving up everything I own, except for my laptop and what I could fit into a 10 pound backpack, I have experienced lifestyles around the world and have learned to live for the things that matter the most.


As a natural born extrovert with a goal of pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, I have met a lot of unique and interesting people during my travels. These individuals have opened my mind to new ideas and provided me with many life lessons through their personal adventures and stories.


I fell in love with photography at a young age. The ability to capture human senses, anchored to moments of life, in a single image still fascinates me today. Focused on seeing the world for what it is, I use my photography to capture everyday life experiences around the world.


Social: Debating, negotiating, public speaking, history and cultures.
Intellectual: Traveling, entrepreneurship, technology and photography.
Physical: Boxing, freediving, bodybuilding, tennis and motorcycle sports.



Working in corporate, start-up, and freelance environments for over 10 years, I have a well-rounded career with extensive hands-on UX/UI design and product strategy experience.


I specialize in solving complex SaaS challenges and thrive on helping companies reach their bottom line with a lean, agile, and user-centered approach to product design.


I’ve been entrusted to lead product design efforts on high priority projects aimed at increasing the operation and efficiency of SaaS products that drive a $200 billion industry, as well as instrumental software focused on improving the safety and welfare of millions of people around the world.


I enjoy the field of design and want to help it grow through contributions to the community. On my personal time, I’ve designed process templates for a corporate UX department, and trained designers on the use of prototyping tools like: Axure RP, Sketch, InVision, HTML/CSS/JS.

“As a Senior UX Designer, Igor was very diligent and autonomous working with various Product Managers to deliver UX for merchandising and administrative solutions. Igor also took initiative to pursue mentoring and feedback, and he showed his leadership abilities by teaching others time-saving tricks in key software.”

Alden Hopkins Senior Director of User Experience - CDK Global

Integrity is the foundation of all my values and competencies – it entails honesty, a genuine care for others, delivering on my promises, accepting responsibility, self-improvement, and illustrating reliability.


I find challenges exciting and love pushing myself to improve. Challenging myself has taught me to appreciate failure. Recognizing that failure is necessary to grow, allows me to push my limits, set new boundaries, and think outside the box without fear.


Motivation fuels my work and my desire to impact the world. I have been passionate about software technology and product design since owning my first computer at eleven years old. My love of digital product design has influenced my career and motivates me to continue growing my knowledge and skills.


I have over ten years of professional experience as a digital product designer, working in corporate, start-up, and freelance environments.  My capacity to learn, understand new concepts, innovate, and strategize helps strengthen my knowledge and experiences.

“Igor is an incredibly motivated and professional UX designer. Having worked together on a number projects. His proven focus for User Interfaces that garner key conversions. Is a one to admire. A focus that has repeatedly shown its return on the time and money invested.”

Jean-Roux Bezuidenhout Creative Director - CDK Global